Fresc Co self-service buffet – Bilbao

Gran Via Diego Lopez Haro, 55
near Guggenheim Museum.

I only ever eat in Fresc Co as a very last resort. I first discovered the chain in Barcelona many years ago and thought I had died and gone to vegetarian heaven – a massive self-service salad bar plus hot dishes, bread, drinks and puddings all for an eat-as-much-as-you-want price.  Until I tried the food that is.

When you first enter, a massive line of salad ingredients greet you from mixed leaves to pasta salads (spit) and tasty looking raw vegetables such as chopped peppers, baby tomatoes, red onion, celery etc. Add some olive oil and seeds and you’re pretty well sorted. Except the food is always watery and tasteless.

It costs around €12 but is dependent on when you visit.

Fresc Co somehow manages to find the most watery flavourless raw vegetables I’ve ever had the misfortune of eating since I left England. And sadly, it’s not just one of the ingredients. Everything from the tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, celery – everything I tried there was flavourless.  In the review of Fresc Co Barcelona I described it as ‘as weak and as feeble as an undernourished pensioner wearing heavy pyjamas and a lead hat,’ and Fresc Co Bilbao is no different. Sadly.

The hot food is not much better. More tasty as its full of salt and cheese – generally but no good for the raw vegan on the prowl.

Strangely despite the flavourless fare, most Fresc Cos don’t seem to lack clients.

If you are a healthy food lover or a raw food vegan and there are really no other salad options available then give it a go. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky. Many times.

Great idea. Badly done.

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