Gallery of the Dam at Les Illes, Montseney, Catalunya

With the sun shining upon us we headed up to one of the peaks at Montseney.


Our walk by the dam at Les Illes brought some stunning visuals and my trusty Nikon managed to capture it beautifully. The afternoon of walking took us from one of the may peaks aroung Montseney down to the river which is capped by a small dam.


The old pylons cut a path through the forest.


The mill pond river cast perfect reflections.


The humble dam stood in silence, almost as if forgotten by the world.


I crossed the tiny, narrow bridge...


And saw the barren river bed beyond its walls.


The sun faded, playing tricks with the light.


So we returned to the camp site to watch it set.


And waited for the moon and stars to rise.


Les Illes is a great camp site high up in the mountains. If camping isn’t your thing but you’d like to explore Montseney you can book a hotel in the area by clicking here.

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