Gardens at the Buddhist Temple in Olivella, Catalunya

Around 40km south of Barcelona on the Costa Brava, tucked away in the depths of Parc del Garaf you’ll find a wonderful Buddhist retreat which welcomes visitors to its gardens and restaurant. The colourful decor and clean walls grant an enticing reception and the serenity, despite the footfall of visitors, is ingrained into the very fabric of the place.


The road through Parc del Garaf winds up to the door of the temple.


The surrounding hills create a perfect and harmonious wilderness for the Buddhist temple.


While the temple itself is ornate and inspiring, the gardens too are a special place that contain a stillness that seeps into your being and fills you with a sense of peace.


The old bridge hangs by fragments and splinters; somehow clinging to a purpose it no longer serves.


Splinters and fragments.


Hidden amongst the trees and shrouded by twilight lies the entrance to the bridge.


Across the neck of the lake...


Surrounded by jagged limestone teeth...


Where wild turtles dwell in the cooling, green water.


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