Garibolo vegetarian restaurant – Bilbao

Calle Fernández del Campo, 7
(Plaza Circular hacia Zabálburu)

Mon-Thur 13hrs-16hrs
Fri-Sat 13hrs-16hrs and then 2hrs – 23.30hrs

Located in the centre of  Bilbao, Garibolo or Gary Barlow as I like to call it, is one of very few (perhaps two) exclusively vegetarian restaurants in Bilbao. As I have said a dozen times on this blog outside of the main cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Granada etc, it is often difficult to find any concessions for those with a penchant to stroke animals rather than consume them.

So this place – Gary Barlow – was a very welcome find.

The menu consists of salads (hurrah raw vegans), soups and consommés; main dishes such as stuffed vegetables, stir fries and other vegetarian stalwarts; and home made desserts. And the menu is vast. There are a load of options to choose from.

What’s more there are also a good few options that don’t involve animal torture at all. Take note vegans. The menu has options clearly marked that are suitable for gluten allergy sufferers and coeliacs, as are the vegan items.

Typical of Spain there is also a menu del dia which costs between €12.50 and €25 depending on the day, time of year, time of day, third letter of your first name, propensity to eat lego or plait your labia. Or so it seems.

On their website they arrogantly boast of their vegetable ‘meat’ balls – their speciality apparently. Along with a carrot, coconut and cacao cake – which was actually rather good.

There are ecological, vegetarian and chemical free wines for dipsomaniacs. Afterall you’re alive – you might as well drink.

Good healthy food, friendly but slow service, agreeable atmosphere. Moderate prices. Simple décor. Plenty of choice. Good salads. Lots of vegan options. Basic, tasty vegetarian and vegan fare with some for raw foodists.

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