Garum Restaurante and Café Bar – Marbella

terrace at Garum Restaurante and Café Bar – Marbella

Paseo Maritimo
Near the lighthouse

More fool me for being enticed in to a tourist trap on the busiest tourist road in Marbella – a resort with more tourists than locals. I was weak and hungry and the menu, with its Mexican treats and unusual items for a restaurant in Spain, inveigled me in.
It was a disappointment. Not a massive disappointment, but a disappointment all the same. Why was I surprised?

The goat cheese salad was 8 leaves of baby spinach with a disc of goat cheese, that had been cooked but not enough for it to melt and go gooey. It was basically a meal of goat’s cheese with barely a salad leaf in sight, and some very sweet jam. I love goat’s cheese but an entire meal of it with nothing much else to go with it, isn’t really a meal and isn’t particularly healthy.

goat cheese

Jacob came off better with a vegetarian quesadilla, which was tasty but bore no resemblance to a quesadilla. Particularly as it was all dilla and no quesa.

quesadilla at Garum Restaurante

All dilla and no quesa.

Anyway, the staff were extremely friendly although I think we were charged for the air we consumed whilst we were sat at the table and you can enjoy views of the sea. Although, you’d probably better off making sandwiches and sitting on the pier, where you don’t pay a cover charge.

It was a costly mistake and one we deserved considering the location. Won’t be going back.  No. Not never. Not unless you’re paying.

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