Gay Cruise at Cabopnio Beach, Costa del Sol

Gay cruise at Dunas de Artola Cabopino, Costa del Sol


Cabopino lies between Malaga and Marbella and is easily reached along the N-340/A-7. It has a port, excellent camping site (Camping Cabopino) and a very nice beach with dunes and a tower. Unfortunately the dunes and car park have become synonymous with being a ‘gay cruise‘; a place for men to meet and indulge in illicit behaviour en masse.

Before we go any further here I’d like to point out that I have no issue with anybody’s sexual preference or what they enjoy; I do however object to things which have a negative impact on the environment and other people’s enjoyment thereof.

The problem with Cabopino’s gay cruise is the aggressive manner of it all. The car park by the beach fills up during the day and 99% of the cars are occupied by men of all ages. We spoke to a gay couple who find the whole business appalling and they told us that by night the place becomes an almost Romanesque orgy with ugly, overweight, arrogant men gorging themselves on each others genitals and backsides in the bushes where, by day, families walk to the beach.

These shaded areas are where it all gets depraved at Dunas de Artola Cabopino after sundown.

These shaded areas are where it all gets depraved at Dunas de Artola Cabopino after sundown.

The aftermath of such disgusting acts is horrendous; tissues covered in faeces scattered on the ground next to condoms covered in the same along with bottles of amyl nitrate and lubricants.

I reiterate; I have no problem with people doing such things in private but to bring it to a public place is not acceptable, especially when families and dog walkers pass through there every day.

These orgies show the darker side of man; many of them not even homosexual but just looking for a lust fuelled, primal departure from everyday life among other depraved men who watch on, tool in hand, as often violent sexual acts are carried out.

‘Primitive’ is the key word here.

It’s a crying shame that Cabopino’s beach has been violated in such a way by the gay cruise but it seems that help is at hand. The police re aware of the situation and locals are now starting to complain with greater volume.

There is hope that the problem will soon be rectified and Cabopino beach will once again be a more civilised place for people to enjoy.

Read about the better side of Dunas de Artola Cabopino/Cabopino beach, or Torre Ladrones which stands at the eastern end of the dunes.

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