Gelaaati! Gelaaati! Gelaaati! Ice-cream parlour – El Born, Barcelona

Gelaaati! Gelaaati! Gelaaati! - El Born, Barcelona

Gelaaati! Gelaaati! Gelaaati! Ice cream parlour – El Born, Barcelona

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El Born

Yet another heladeria/gelateria in Barcelona? Yes, but this one comes with a difference. Gelaati! Gelaati! Gelaati! has vegan ice cream made with soya milk or rice milk. Not thirty varieties like the ice cream made with cow juice, but there are three options.

The rice milk variety is available in either natural yogurt with fruits of the forest or in dark chocolate. The soya milk variety is available in coffee.

Ordinary ice cream varieties at Gelaati! Gelaati! Gelaati! include avocado, dark chocolate, mandarin, mint and dark chocolate, cinnamon, cappuccino, lemon, mojito, mango and raspberry, profiterole, panettone and a dozen other varities. Staff are happy to let you try a few before you purchase although they might find you, track you down and kill you if you fail to purchase something after a few free spoonfuls.

Gelaaati! Gelaaati! Gelaaati! ice cream parlour in Barcelona

Of course the best thing about Gelaati! Gelaati! Gelaati! is the vegan options. They might be few but it’s the only heladeria I know of in Barcelona that has vegan ice cream (discounting sorbets).

Prices start from €2.70 for a small tub up to €6 if you are feeling particularly gluttonous or sharing with someone else or three.

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