Getting to Tibidabo – Barcelona


Tibidabo is the top of the beautiful mountain at the back of Barcelona – the one with the church on, next to the hill with the big white spike on it (La Collserola).

At the top of Tibidabo is a beautiful old amusement park which is rumoured to be the oldest  in Europe. It is really quite delightful and a far cry from Alton Towers in the UK. Most things in Barcelona are a far cry from the UK. That’s one of its many selling points. I guess that’s why we go on holiday and travel. If we wanted to be in England we’d go to Benidorm.

If you’ve had more than enough of the h&b of Barcelona central and would like to get some fresh air to your lungies and stretch your leggywegs then take a trip to Tibidabo.

There are three ways of getting to Tibidabo. Firstly, walk. It will take a couple of hours from the gothic quarter to make your way up to the top, but your walk will take you through Eixample and Gracia and there are no rules about not stopping for regular granizados de limon, or clara sins (shandy without alcohol). Once you get to the start of your ascent you can either follow the roads or nip off road – great if you have dog – and hike to the top. It’s steep in sections but very doable.

There is also the Tibibus that leaves from Placa Catalunya (during peak season only) and drops you at Placa Tibidabo.

The other option is to take the Tramvia and funicular.

Get to Avenida de Tibidabo by either foot, metro, bus, helicopter, will power or space hopper, and find the Tramvia Blau bus stop (on the right if looking towards Tibidabo.) The number 58 bus from Placa Catalunya goes there.

Tramvia Blau (which means blue tram) –is a cute tram that will take you half way up Tibidabo, plonking you very close to Mirablau – a bar with gigantic windows (that open during summer) that offers crap food, but spectacular views across the city. Great any time of day.

The Tramvia costs €3 for a single trip and €4.50 for a return. It only runs during peak times, so check their website prior to travel.

From there you can take the funicular to the top of the hill / mountain. At the summit there is a gorgeous white church with two levels. There are confession boxes if you’ve done anything naughty recently. The views from the top are magnificent. It’s impossible not to be impressed. To one side you have the chaos that is Barcelona sprawling randomly, and the sea, and in contrast, on the other side you have stunning verdant undulating hills.

One of the most amazing spots in Barcelona. A must-see.

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