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I like Glam & Sweet, apart from its name. The interior is a mix of typical Spanish furniture surrounded by a bit of traditional Spanish quirk. It’s a really pleasant environment to enjoy a drink, cake or cup of tea.

As the name suggests, the main focus is cakes and sweet crepes, although there are also savoury crepes and sandwiches available too.

You can hydrate with granizados or fruit smoothies with ingredients such as pineapple, coconut, kiwi and mango to choose from. Or just give in to the filthy beast of temptation, and relax with a hot chocolate and a croissant. Dirty.

The granizados, which are like a classy slush puppy or snow cone (depending on where you are in the world) are really good and come in short fat glasses and tick all the right boxes on a sweltering August day in Sitges, having scorched yourself until you resemble a mahogany armoire on the beach – if looking like you’ve been dipped in wood stain is the kind of look you go for. Personally, I prefer to stay pale and natural, as I wasn’t born in Asia.

Crepe fillings that might appeal to vegetarians include cheese and mushroom, cheese and mixed vegetables or spinach and feta. Sweet crepes are available in fruit and cream, banana and Nutella, and caramel. And then some.

The hot chocolates are pretty good, although for the best hot chocolate I’ve found in Sitges, you really need to try Llao Llao, during the autumn and winter months, but Glam & Sweet is a good runner up.

If it’s summer and you don’t want to sit in the quirky/quaint interior, there is outdoor seating along the street which makes it Sweep friendly as he can tuck underneath my chair and participate in his favourite sports of dog watching and chair sniffing.

The service is always friendly and quick but without being abrupt. On the counter inside the shop you can take a look at the selection of cakes and pastries available, which helps remove some of the guesswork if you don’t speak Spanish or recognise the names on the menu.

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