Gofras waffles and crepes – Sitges

Gofras creperie in Sitges, Catalonia

Gofras waffles and crepes – Sitges

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There are three wafflerys (made up word) or waffleria (made up Spanish word) in Sitges that I know of. This one – called simply Gofras – claims to be the original and even has a faded newspaper article in the window that dates back to July 1988 – the dark ages – supporting that claim.

Unlike the other two waffleries in Sitges, Gofras isn’t contemporary inside. It’s a business set up with large leaking jars of chocolate spread and harsh lighting.

Gofras review, Sitges

A review of Gofras in Sitges, Catalonia

You can chose from Belgian waffles or crepes, with prices starting from €2 for a plain old waffle that hasn’t been dipped or doused in anything. Options for dipping and covering include cinnamon, apple. Nutella, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, whipped cream, plain old sugar, condensed milk, banana, pineapple jam, pumpkin jam, vanilla custard, compote, dulce de leche,  chestnut puree  and some options that include liquor if you really want to get excessive on your internal organs.

Menus are in Castillano, English and German which makes it easier to order if you are not the former but either of the latter.

Gofras, Sitges

A badly packed crepe - Sitges, Catalonia

Waffles are cooked freshly and then  wrapped expertly in paper whilst still hot. Pretty tasty although whether they are still the tastiest in Sitges – I have no idea and finding out would seriously damage my blood sugar.

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