Good Things at the Sitges Carnival

Dogs in costumes at Sitges Carnival


By 8:40pm when we arrived at Sitges Carnival the party was in full swing and the town was absolutely heaving. For some people finding a parking spot seemed to be a problem as the streets were two rows deep in cars on either side and car parks were rammed full.

Fortuitously we found a space in our usual car park straight away.

Our short walk into Sitges centre revealed little of what awaited but as soon as we stepped onto C/ Dels Parellades we were hit by a storm of costumes, colours and noise that would rival a tropical hurricane.

Street vendors had turned out in force selling carnival masks and visitors donned them in great numbers. Outfits ranged from spectacular period numbers and immaculate transvestite Cruella Devilles to (and this was my favourite) a girl in a track suit with only a cardboard robot head as the ‘fancy’ element.


The streets were not so busy that you couldn’t move but the seafront was packed tight as that was the best place to watch the carnival procession. We opted to stay on C/ Dels Parellades where the crowds were thinner and we got first glimpse at the floats as they wound their way towards the promenade.

There were a lot of similar themes but one thing was clear, a lot of hard work, love, sweat and tears had gone into the dance routines, costumes and overall design of each group and they were all worthy of our attention and appreciation.

We watched marching bands, jazz bands, faux prostitutes, pole dancers, devils, cowboys and Indians, sailors and pirates roll by, each with their own unique brand of noise, both in sonic and sight form. Some dazzled and excited more than others and the drumming group with synchronised manoeuvres were pretty spectacular.

With the procession done we headed back home and left the night to more capable revellers and hedonists who would still be going by the time sunlight lifted its sleepy head over the eastern horizon.

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