Good Will Towards Animals in Spain

Sweep and Bungle


In my last post I aired my grievances towards irresponsible animal buyers and owners who fail to think ahead when buying a pet. There is an ever increasing number of animal abandonment cases here in Spain but thankfully there are those willing and happy to help, even paying from their own pockets to do so.

On Saturday morning we took Bungle, our newly abandoned, newly found friend into Sitges to visit the vet and stopped by Peluts, our favourite pet store. Alex from Peluts is a very friendly and helpful guy who, luckily for us, also speaks English very well.

Within a few minutes of talking outside the shop a small crowd of animal admirers and lovers had gathered and we were inundated with phone numbers of people who may be able to help. One lady even called several people from her cell phone but sadly turned up no results.


Peluts, Sitges

Peluts in Sitges offers not only great products for pets but are linked to several animal rescue organizations.


What struck me most was the willingness of complete strangers to help and the general good will towards Bungle who really does need a good, loving home. I was very touched by the kindness of those who shared our concerns and want to see the best possible outcome for a baby dog who has been kicked out of his home and ostracised from his family for whatever reasons.

I know some may ask why we can’t keep him and the reasons are simple. He is too big for our van, we don’t earn much money and Calypso has dog allergies and Asthma which she just about copes with from Sweep.

Believe me, if I could keep him I would.

It’s a sorry state and saddest of all that animals are the first to suffer when austerity settles in. People have got so desperate in Greece that they have abandoned their children causing massive international uproar, yet this happens to dogs every day but I don’t see it hitting the national television news. Human suffering = international outrage; dogs = “So what? It’s just a dog.”

It’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll have to put poor Bungle in the kennels at Vilafranca which is something I wanted to avoid at all costs. Apparently they do not exterminate the dogs there if owners aren’t found and you can claim them back later at a cost of 20 euros per day, while the dog is stuck in a cage with 5 others. Nice.

EDIT: Apparently if a dog has behavioural problems and causes harm to itself or other dogs in the Perrera (kennels) it will be ‘euthanised’ immediately.

I return to the idea that the good people will always be around and I’m thankful to those who have tried to help so far.

Please take a look at the Peluts website by clicking here.

There’s more to this story yet so I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime please leave your comments in the box below or talk about it on our forums by clicking here.

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