Govinda vegetarian restaurant – Barcelona


Placa Villa de Madrid, 4

Near Placa Catalunya

Govinda is a vegetarian restaurant in the very epicentre of Barcelona that specialises in Hindu food.

They use fresh good quality ingredients and prepare Hindu comestibles using traditional preparation methods. That’s what they say, at leaset.

Between Monday and Friday you can enjoy their daily three course menu (menu del dia) for a cost of €10.50. And you can enjoy it slightly less during weekends as the same food will cost you €15.30 – which is fairly steep as menu-del-dias go.

Their particular speciality is thalis, which, if you’ve never had one is a combination of small portions of different dishes and side dishes eg a chapati, a daahl, a curry, a side dish, raita and a pakora – all served in little bowls upon a large silver plate-cum-tray. They are exceptionally filling and give you the opportunity to have a little bit of everything – like an Indian tapas. They also give you the perfect opportunity to overeat.

Starters are spring rolls (I thought those were Chinese?), spicy carrot doughnuts, pakoras or samosas.

Main courses that might tempt you are malai kofta, bandgobhi kofta (cabbage leaves stuffed with cheese and nuts), alu brihjal narjal (potatoes, aubergine and coconut in cream), palak beigan (spinach, aubergine and chickpea stew) and khaari paneer (fried cheese in sauce).

There is also a salad buffet and they also do crepes and pizzas for those who don’t like spicy or Indian food.

No alcohol is served but they do lassis which are far tastier than any alcohol drink I’ve ever tried and you don’t wake up marinated in your own vomit, missing a shoe and with your clothes on back to front, and the inexplicable taste of regret coating your mouth the next morning. Which some might see as a bonus. Lassis come in a massive range of flavours such as mint, strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, banana, rose, tamarind, pear or just plain sweet. Or if you prefer it, you can go for  a salty one (gag).

They also serve fresh juices such as carrot, apple, orange and pear.

Hot drinks include green tea with mint, lemon, cinnamon, vanilla, Ceylon, pu-erh, a homemade chai plus yogi and ayurvedic teas.

It’s been a while since I ate here. When I did I had the salad bar and it was ok. Not exceptional but then salad bars rarely blow me away. The other dishes look tasty although the portions seemed small. Give it a go and let us have your thoughts here.

Their sister branch Amaltea can be found at Diputacio, 164.

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