Goyo café and patisserie – the best cakes in Marbella

Goyo cafe and patisserie in Marbella

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Goyo have the best cakes in Marbella – it’s a fact. Don’t argue. And not only cakes but delicious ice creams, sandwiches and amazing chocolates and bonbons.

Cakes, I find, in Spain are often all mouth and no trousers. They look amazing but taste disappointing. When it comes to cakes, most patisseries in Spain seem to favour lots of white sugar and fake cream. Goyo is different.

Goyo in Marbella - the best cakes in town

Goyo in Marbella - the best cakes in town

A large and spacious shop with lime green tables and white chairs and an outdoor terrace, Goyo has lots going for it.

If you’re a health nazi then you will limited to teas such as apple, green tea and mint, camomile, orange blossom and some infusions. Some teas are organic. Prices start from €1.70.

They have fresh orange juice or apple and carrot juice at between €3.50 and €4.50.

But the main reason for visiting Goyo is for the damn cakes and dirty things.

Goyo patisserie in Marbella

Goyo patisserie in Marbella - sex

For starters they do a mean Chocolate Suizo (hot chocolate topped with cream). To eat you can choose from raspberry cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake, apple strudel, croissants, éclairs, rum babas decorated with tropical fruits, praline mousse, almond frangipan, lemon and chocolate mousse and various French and Arabic pastries. Oh and lots more. And they all look absurdly good.

The displays are positively mouth-watering and the quality of the products is high. The problem you will have at Goyo is picking one cake.

They also sell many varieties of coffee if you like a caffeine buzz; booze and wraps and sandwiches – although nothing on the menu is vegetarian, I’m sure they could rustle you something up sin carne.


Goyo in Marbella - palmeras

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