Gracia, Barcelona – in pictures

Winter sunshine hits a typical Barcelona building

Gracia is a gorgeous neighbourhood in Barcelona mid-way between the centre of the city (the gothic quarter etc) and the mountain of Tibidabo at the back.

A house front in Gracia, Barcelona

Gracia has a plethora of squares that come alive at night and during the summer and has its own festival (festa mayor de Gracia) every August where communities decorate the streets, and young people find excuses to party for days.

Corner building in Gracia, Barcelona

To get to Gracia, take a metro to the metro stop Fontana, or alternatively walk up Passieg de Gracia and keep on going until you reach Fontana and take a right.

Streetlight in Gracia, Barcelona

Mill around here at the right time of day and you will find a lively and colourful barrio brimming with restaurants and a fair few organic shops.

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