Guell Cellar – A Gaudi House in Pictures

This sign for Guell Cellar was added for the benefit of tourists. I doubt very much that Gaudi was that much of an egotist.


Gaudi designed this gate too. It's a really impressive thing in the flesh (well, metal) and baers all the hallmarks of his usual design work. Intricacy and detail.


Guell Cellar should be made out of gingerbread. It's such a wonderfully designed house that i pretty much want to eat it. But that would ruin it for everyone else of course.


The fountain in the garde was added later but it compliments the surroundings well.


Guell Cellar is something from a fairy tale. On gloomier days it looms up like the ominous presence of a some beastly residence to an evil vampire. Or something.


The usual Gaudi detail is evident in every brick and stone.


Gaudi loved to emulate nature in his designs and the soft curves in everything he designed are a clear indication of that.


The bell tower sits atop the magnificent peaked roof and looks our across Parc del Garaf and the Mediterranean Sea. Lucky bell tower.


Even his chimney stacks are cool. It looks almost alien.


The doorway upstairs is covered by a stilted roof. It's extravagance and elegance personified. Itemified?


The view from the door casts your eyes across the sea.


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