Guell Cellar, Antoni Gaudi at Garaf, Catalunya


Since our arrival in Spain we’ve been amazed by the scenery and sheer beauty of the country. One of its most unique aspects, especially evident in Barcelona, is the work of Antoni Gaudi.

Among Gaudi’s most famous work are things like La Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and Casa Batillo, all of which can be found within a stone’s throw of each other along the streets of Barcelona.

That said, Gaudi’s work is spread across the whole of Spain and one piece, a co-operative work with one of his students, can be found just 30km south of Barcelona on the C-31 in the form of Guell Cellar.


I'm sure Antoni Gaudi didn't design this sign but the house it promotes at Garaf is a beauty.


Gaudi signed the project in 1895 and designed it with Francesc Berengeur I Mestres after a commission by local land owner Count Eusebi Guell. The building work was completed in 1901.

Nature’s influence on his work is evident throughout the Cellar but to less of an extent than his most famous work. Less colourful and flamboyant, it still inspires with its unique look and tall, angular roof with organic looking arches.

Gaudi’s work was always a challenge to stone masons as he favoured natural shapes as opposed to more easily cut blocks, but he did so with subtlety.

Today the Cellar stands next to the Gaudi Garaf restaurant but I had no interest in their offerings so I can’t tell you what the food is like; I was too taken by the setting of this wonderful house that has the sea to one side and the beauty of Parc del Garaf to the other. Sadly the meandering C-31 runs right beside the house and will undoubtedly be having a negative impact on the structure with vibrations, emissions, etc.


The Grim Reaper's gate (as I like to think of it) is an impressive welcoming committee. Of one.


The huge wrought iron gate made from chain links looks like something the Grim Reaper might have as the welcoming committee to his house and is an impressive piece of metalwork.

Because the Cellar is privately owned we weren’t allowed to look inside but the exterior alone is well worth a visit and you can find it here:


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