Habaluc Organic Restaurant – Barcelona

C/ Enric Granados, 30
08008 Barcelona

Monday to Friday 20:30 – 01:00

Barcelona is gradually catching up with London with its number of organic restaurants. Hallelujah!

I love organic food restaurants and when I find a new one I like to whoop aloud, often triggering off incontinence and a sudden unblocking of trapped wind.

Even though Habaluc isn’t vegetarian – at least if you are eating amongst carnivores you have the satisfaction of knowing that the cadaver they are hacking into next to you wasn’t cruelly tortured or spent its ‘life’ in a state of  incarceration.

The service at Habaluc is fairly good. The staff is friendly albeit a little cool, and the atmosphere is pleasant. Ok ‘pleasant’ is up there with ‘nice’ when it comes to scintillating adjectives, but it is pleasant, nothing more.  Amenable jazz caresses your ears as you eat.

You will pay around €12-13 and for that you can feed yourself three courses.  There are vegetarian dishes (and organic fish and meat) and there are some delightful homemade desserts. The cuisine is fusion with the emphasis on Mediterranean.

For vegetarians there are large and rather luscious salads with some creative dressings. These salads are not like the typical iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and tinned sweet corn atrocities you can expect throughout much of Spain. And they have the added benefit of knowing that what you are eating has been grown in good soil and is light on chemicals. Nice.

The serve some great Argentinean empanadas and some sumptuous desserts in a likeable and relaxed environment.

There is an outdoor terrace also, should you wish to go there with your significant hairy other. Nothing to dislike here: the food is good quality, the choice is great, but the staff could be a bit friendlier.

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