Health food shops – Valencia

If you are after health food ingredients or organic food whilst you are in Valencia then there are a couple of places you can find them.

The first spot is in the Mercado Central – the gorgeous many-dimensional epic stained glass and ceramic building that has housed a market since time began. The counter is called La Morhada and the signage is in yellow and eggplant – if that helps. Here you can buy your organic fresh fruit and vegetables, rices, pastas, oils, supplements, vinegars, algaes and a ton of other things you might be missing if you are self catering and need to pick healthy stuff up.

The Mercado Central can be found at Placa Mercado – it’s a major landmark on the Valencia map. Not even I could miss it. And I could circumnavigate a woolly mammoth wearing a bright lemon hat and a thong made out of fairy lights, without realising it. I could you know.

The other place I found was Esencial Salud on Calabazas 21 –  which is very close to the above market. It sells the usual mix of health food items such as flours, pastas, oils, teas, chocolate etc along with tinctures, books, candles, and some hippy shit stuff.

One last place in the centre of town I think that is worthy of a quick mention here is Plau i fa sol (pictured) a lovely bio shop in Barrio del Carmen that sells foods, books, ingredients, beauty products, hair products etc.

Plau I Fa Sol is located on Plaça del Músico López Chávarri, 7, 46003 Valencia. It’s not as centrally located as the other two but it’s worth a visit. It’s a lovely little shop and the lady that works there/probably owns it is happy and helpful soul.

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