Healthy Breakfasts in Barcelona

Juicy Jones

Hot lemon and ginger €1.75; yogi tea with fresh ginger, chai masala and soya milk €1.50; coffees are from €1. Hot chocolate are €2.

Comestibles include organic muesli with soy yogurt, fruit and agave syrup €2.55 or wholemeal toast with nutella and homemade jam €1.95. Less healthy but still vegan are the muffins at €1.95.

They also do a brunch which costs €6.95 and consists of tortilla, muesli, waffles, muffins and toast with tea or coffee and orange juice.

Teresa Carles

Organic soya yogurt with mango and granola €3.80; seasonal fruit salad €4.85; a choice of artisan-made muffins cost €2.15 and you can choose from chocolate; mint and lemon; apple and ginger; and wholegrain with seeds.

They also have wholemeal croissants that come served with organic margarine and home-made jam, pancakes and kefir with cane sugar along with some other options.

If you are gluten-friendly you can have wholewheat toast with avocado and cayenne (pictured), or with banana and nutella or marmalade. Toast costs from €2.95.

There are andwiches with soya mayonnaise and organic egg dishes from €7.50.

Breakfasts are served between 10am and 2pm.

There are a range of freshly prepared juices that cost either €3.50 or €4.50 including Bloody Marys with or without liquor.

Prices are steep but the quality is high.

Buenas Migas

Thick brown toast with a choice of jams and nutella; natural yogurt with fruits or granola; flapjacks €3.25. They often have meal deals in the mornings. Eg a herbal tea and a slice of warm foccacia (plain, with raisins or filled with nutella) for €1.95. A bargain.

A few types of tea, coffees and hot chocolates (a la taza – eg thick and Spanish style not shit and English style).

Vitaminas & Co

Fruit and vegetable juices freshly prepared. Plus croissants, sandwiches and coffee.

La Boqueria

Fruit, fruit, fruit.

Cheap and cheerful.


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