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Plaza Bermudez de la Rubia

Next door to La Cueva del Monaguillo is a heladeria of the same name. Both La Cueva del Monaguillo and the heladeria (ice cream store) are located on Plaza Bermudez de la Rubia, which is an exceptionally delightful quiet, cobbled square in the centre of Coin’s little old town.

Other than the chatter of garrulous locals, the gushing of the fountain and the occasional rustle from the disgruntled fronds of palm trees there is very little to disturb you on Plaza Bermudez as you eat your ice cream or enjoy your much-needed granizado.

the best of Coin

The best heladeria in Coin


Prices at Helados de Monaguillo start at one euro for a cone or two euros for a tureen and there are several variations.

Flavours range  from the likes of cream and nuts; yogurt; strawberry; raspberry; chocolate and mint; tutti fruit; chicle (yuk); vanilla; fruits of the forest and various chocolatey amalgamations such as double chocolate; white chocolate, chocolate sorbet etc. And they also have a couple of sugar-free varieties (these usually contain malitol in Spain and I’m not sure how healthy they are, but they are sugar-free if that’s your main worry).

The quality of the ice cream is great and far beyond the usual heladeria.

You can either sit on the tables and chairs outside or sit on the steps beside the fountain in the sunshine and watch the cavorting pigeons.

Best ice cream in Coin and possibly the prettiest spot in an otherwise dull town.


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