Hello Sushi – Barcelona


Carrer de la Junta de Comerç, 14
08001 Barcelona



Mon-Sun 12:30hrs – 16:30hrs
Mon-Sun 20.30hrs – 00:30hrs

Before I became a raw food vegan, and still thought that fish and rice were healthy standards of a life-giving human diet, I used to love sushi. And when I lived in El Raval, I used to come here for my sushi fix. It’s not that the sushi here is great – which is criminal considering Barcelona’s proximity to the coast, but because it was local and because I didn’t find any better sushi in Barcelona.

Being Spain, Hello Sushi also does a menu del dia. This costs €15. There is a menu to select from too, but this is very pricey. Sushi is always expensive granted. I’m not sure cheap sushi is a good idea. If you’re eating raw fish you want it to be best quality, no.

The sushi here is ok. I’ve had much tastier elsewhere. Even in England – famous for its shit food  (and weather).

The service here was painfully slow. I was the only customer on one occasion and had to wait over half an hour for a simple salad dish. I’d eaten the tablecloth (with wasabi) by the time they fed me. I had a hangover and eating the furniture would have been the next natural step if they hadn’t brought my fodder soon.

Hello Sushi sell the usual: gyozos, sashimi, California rolls and all the Japanese essentials. There are lots of dishes for prawn lovers, such as prawns. Vegetarians can enjoy the vegetable maki sushi rolls and a small and expensive seaweed salad.

The interior is pretty glorious. Massive and dark with a high roof. It’s a good relaxing atmosphere to eat in. Or wait to eat in, which might be the case.

If you are gagging for a bit of raw fish et al whilst in Barcelona then this is a start. Not the most amazing sushi ever, but it is sushi and it’s not tapas.

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