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c/Heroes de Sostoa, 90



Herboristeria Biogloria is a tiny little health food shop in Malaga that has two other branches at c/Atarazanas, 5 and another at c/Panaderos, 10 – both in the Centro Historico of the city.

These herboristeria sells a good range of herbs and tinctures (they are herbalists afterall) along with a decent range of supplements, vitamins etc.

Herboristeria Biogloria caters for the average health food nut, so if you are after tofu products such as burgers and sausages, milk substitutes such as oat milk, soya milk, spelt milk and rice milk, a selection of raw (ish) nuts and dried fruits, vegan margarines, different types of rice and pasta, honeys from nearby hills, low sugar jams and marmalades, oils such as olive, nut oils, sesame oil and a few Asian ingredients such as seaweed, soya sauce, wasabi and noodles.

If you are celiac they have a small range of cookies, cakes, pastas, breads and crackers.

They also stock a few organic toiletries and household products such as washing liquids, fluoride-free toothpastes, and organic shower and hair products such as washing crème, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and natural soaps.

This is a small shop that stocks the bare essentials and nothing more. You wont find raw food ingredients or specialist items. They don’t stock spirulina or coconut oil or chlorella but fore the basics – Herboristeria BioGloria is worth a try. They may be able to order special items in.


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