Herboristeria Conchi – Marbella

Avenida del Trapiche, 20

952 86 04 18




Finding Herboristeria Conchi signifies a week of good health finds in Marbella.

First there was Herboristeria La Fuente de Salud and then the glory that is Loving Hut.

If you are a health food nut then you can count yourself fairly lucky in Marbella. There are two decent health food shops and perhaps some yet undiscovered.

Mostly Herboristeria Conchi is a general health food store that caters for the average health food nuts amongst us. Ie those looking for tofu products such as burgers and sausages, milk substitutes such as oat milk, soya milk, spelt milk and rice milk, different types of rice and pasta, honeys from nearby hills, sugar free jams and marmalades, oils such as olive, nut oils, sesame oil etc.

The main thing I found here that I hadn’t seen anywhere else in Spain in more than a year and a half was Macadamia Nut Oil. Hoorah – I can now make S & M salad!

Other than that it’s the usual range of celiac-friendly pastas, cookies and cakes etc and a few sugar-free cookies and cake mixes. They also sell natural hair dyes and a few natural cosmetics.

Due to it being a herbalist shop, obviously it’s a good location to pick up supplements, herbal remedies, tinctures and what have you.

Herboristeria is a small shop that stocks a combination of stuff. It’s another good option in Marbella and always a welcome sight.


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