Herboristeria La Central – Malaga


Spanish vitamins and supplements

c/Atarazanas, 5
Centro Historico



I love it when I bump into a health food shop – no matter how small. I still have fond memories of having an entire Wholefoods to shop in. The only shopping I really enjoy takes place in health food shops. The rest I’d rather sit out.

There are three of these Herboristerias in Malaga, with another branch at c/heroes de Sostoa, 90 and another at c/Panaderos, 10.

Herboristeria La Central sells a large range of herbs and tinctures along with supplements, vitamins etc. It’s just a small store, so don’t expect to find everything you need but if you have run out of raw nuts, vegan spreads, tofu products, rice milk, soya milk, oat milk, baby foods or locally made spreads such as honey and jam etc then your dreams have been answered.

At Herboristeria La Central you will be able to purchase the typical range of health food items you would find in most other health food shops in Spain such as different types of rice, a variety of oils and vinegars, gluten free bread and lots of celiac-friendly items such as rice cakes, cookies, pastas and breads.

They also stock a few organic toiletries and household products such as washing liquids, fluoride-free toothpastes, and organic shower and hair products.

If you are a raw foodist then sadly you will be able to find raw food ingredients. If you are lucky you will find nama shoyu but it is unlikely to be raw. Again, you will quite possibly find agave (as this is catching on in Spain) but you will be unlikely to find it raw.

This is not a massive shop with a massive stock. Many of the things you will find here are arguably not health food items but you will certainly find a few things that will make your journey through Spain a lot easier on your digestive system – although your pockets might suffer.


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