Hôme Backpackers Hostel – Valencia



Plaza Vicente Iborra, s/n,
46003 Valencia

Valencia is a stunning little city – a kind of cross between Seville and Barcelona. More cosmopolitan than Seville but less so than Barcelona. It has some stunning buildings – nothing as beautifully irregular as Barca’s Gaudi offerings, but eye-pleasingly and arse-smackingly beautiful all the same.

If you accidentally find yourself in Valencia and need a hostel to stay at I recommend Home – a rubbery hostel centrally located in the district of El Carmen.

Home has a strikingly colourful communal lounge area where you can meet new friends – if you’re the garrulous type, update your Facebook status to say that you are in Valencia updating your Facebook status, find out about local attractions, have a drink and decide on your next port of call – if you are travelling, or just sit your fat arse down for a moment.

There are two roof terraces on which – weather permitting you can chill right out, read your book or just plain sunbathe on the provided sun-loungers. And the weather in Valencia, more often than not – does permit.

From the roof terraces, there are painfully gorgeous vistas for you to drink in no matter in what direction you lay your gaze.

The communal kitchen is well equipped and spacious enough for you to create your signature dish or the prerequisite pasta dish that all travellers seem to favour.

They have 6, 12 and 18-bed dormitories and other facilities include an elevator for disabled guests, safety deposit boxes, heating (you’ll be glad of that come the winter), a luggage storage area and a designated smoking area, where dirty people can do bad stuff to their lungs.

There is free wi-fi throughout the hostel.

Home is an immensely colourful hostel throughout. Vivid colours – like hyperactive toddlers with sharp scissors (up a ladder) – attack your retinas everywhere you look. It’s an uplifting place to be, although the communal lounge can be loud at times, but that’s the case in most hostels I’ve been in around the world. A couple of clara sins (Spanish shandy) and the volume of the average traveler quadruples in decibels. I tested that with my decibel calculating devise.

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