InOut hostel – Barcelona

Major del Rectoret, 2
Barcelona 08017

The interesting thing about InOut Hostel is that it is a not-for-profit organisation partly run by the disabled.

It’s a large facility up in the north of Barcelona and involves taking a Renfe (proper train) several stops from Plaza Catalunya, which only takes about 15-20 minutes. Once you get there, there is a bit of a steep climb up a hill, but it’s worth it to be in the cool mountain air and away from the city for a nice change. There, you can see hills, trees and wild hogs.

The hostel itself feels a little like a very open prison. The rooms are large and spacious and – unlike most hostels – the beds are very comfortable. They don’t seem to have a problem with putting the heating on either – which is good. In fact you control the radiators in each room yourself. Each bed has its own light, plug socket and there is a large locker for each.

The décor is delightfully quirky in the common areas – quite the nicest I’ve seen in Spain with crazy things and objet d’art mounted on the walls.

There are two buildings and lots of commons spaces indoors and outdoors for use during the summer. There is wi fi throughout and I was able to get onto the internet from my bed.

My first night was pretty hellish thanks to lots of noisy inmates – there were a lot of mentally disabled youngsters running around like delighted buffoons in the communal corridor and watching football and kicking up a bloomin racket, and a snorey man in the same dorm as me. I noticed that the noises made by mentally disabled people whilst watching football differed little to the noises made my ‘normal’ men whilst doing the same. An interesting observation.

However, the next two nights were blissfully quiet and even snorey learned to sleep quietly.

Lovely place with a great breakfast of fruit, juices, toast, croissants and cereal in a large room with MTV playing (I could have done without the MTV tbh).


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