Io vegetarian-friendly restaurant – Valencia

Carrer Alta, 30

This pink and white girly explosion actually is less unpleasant once inside. Retinas are more robust than you’d think. Don’t be put off by the pink and whiteness – you can get through this. Think of your stomach.

Io is not a vegetarian restaurant but it does have a few intriguing dishes for vegetarians and so it gets a mention or three here.

Dishes you might want to invest your appetite in are as follows:

Broad bean hummus – the dish comes with ham (not vegetarian – well spotted) but they say they have a vegetarian option with tahini. This costs €6.00.

There is a melted provolone cheese with sundried tomato and basil pesto which costs €8.00.

Falafel (chick pea croquettes – you must know what they are if you’ve been vegetarian for longer than a week) served with yogurt dressing, is €7.50.

There is a salad with goat cheese, salad greens, cherry tomatoes, apple and honey mustard dressing which costs €8.60; and another salad that contains cous-cous, nuts, raisins and spices served with a mint dressing. This costs €8.50.

There’s even a vegetarian lasagne made with vegetables (pumpkin and spinach) which costs €11.50.

There are loads of other dishes but these will only impress carnivores.

Deserts are either raspberry and vodka sorbet (€50 or death by chocolate – which involves too much of everything. I’d rather die of old age.

It’s a modern and upmarket boutiquey kind of a restaurant. Some of the vegetarian options are surprisingly creative for a non-vegetarian place in Spain – which is nice. The only downside for me is that there was no fruit salad and the pink and white was a bit testing on my retinas. A bit less Katy Price and a bit more Kate Bush when it comes to interiors please.

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