Juicy Jones vegan restaurant – Barcelona



Cardenal Casañas 7
(just off La Rambla in the Gothic Quarter)


Hospital 74
(just off La Rambla in El Raval)

Juicy is worthy of a visit for the range of green juices alone. Green juices in Barcelona! It’s a raw foodists jackpot. Coming in either 33cl or 50cl and costing between €2.95 and €4.95 you can choose from green mixes such as carrot and apple; orange and carrot; apple, lemon, avocado, lettuce and alfalfa; apple, avocado, celery, lemon and spinach, beetroot, pear, grape and lime. There are also exotic amalgamations such as papaya, grape and strawberry; pineapple, mango, papaya and apple; mango, strawberry and pear or homemade lemonade, grapefruit and lime. This is quite something in Barcelona and in the rest of Spain you won’t find any fresh juice other than orange. And the drinks menu is idiot-friendly and easy to use with pictures of the ingredients for those who don’t speak Castillano.

You can also choose from a massive range of smoothies such as coconut, cacao, banana and soy milk or mango, pear, strawberry and soy milk.

The range of foods is massive from the popular three-course menus del dia  to snacks such as hummus and guacamole and a variety of breads.

The menu del dia is amazing and comes recommended. You choose one of four or five starters – such as hummus, mixed salad, gazpacho (cold Spanish soup) or normal (warm) soup. Following that, you choose from the likes of an Indian thali, or vegan cheese and vegetable pie. For dessert you can pick from Indian kulfi ice cream, cake of the day,  or chocolate pudding. A glass of wine or water is included.

Menu del dia II consists of a main dish and a juice and costs about €9. (Great for raw vegans)

In addition there are a range of sandwiches that are made on a choice of breads and filled with the likes of avocado, hummus, sundried tomatoes. My favourite is tofu, ginger satay and avocado with grated salad. Tastes sublime.

The décor in Juicy’s is exceptionally bright, colourful and a bit chaotic.

Juicy Jones is perfect (although no dogs allowed in the restaurant) for the vegan or raw food vegan around town. The food is absolutely delicious, the juices are divine and the portions are massive for the price.
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