Kasparo café and bar – El Raval, Barcelona


Placa Bonsuces
El Raval


Kasparo is all about the location – taking up the most pleasant corner of a placa a moment or twos stride from La Rambla. It’s especially well located during the colder winter mornings when the sun shines on the terrace and you can quite comfortably sit not quite baking but at least basking in the winter sol. Possibly one of the greatest pastimes there is. Take a seat, place your order and close your eyes.

If you have conventional progeny then directly in front of the terrace an enclosed playground for children with swings and a slide and a couple of other contraptions for pacifying sprogs. There is also space for well-behaved unconventional befurred progeny to cavort.

On to the menu. For vegetarians there are a couple of unsurprising tapas such as patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) and pan con tomate (toasted bread smeared with olive oil and tomato) plus a couple of surprises in the form of hummus with toasted bread and vegetable pate with toasted bread.

For breakfast you can have toast (on white or brown bread) with either jam or tomato; muesli with organic yogurt; Greek yogurt with fruit; or various croissants and muffins.

Sandwiches (boccadillos) you can choose from are with avocado, sun-dried tomatoes and brie or blue and feta cream cheese with tomato and rocket.

They also have soups and a couple of salads such as Greek and mixed salad.

Desserts are the likes of chocolate brownie, pistachio nut cookie, Greek yogurt, carrot cake with nuts, and various ice creams.

The drinks menu contains beers, hot chocolates, coffees, granizados, wines, and fresh orange juice. Coffees are available with organic soya milk and they even have a caffeine-free ‘coffee’ made from cereals.

It can get quite busy but Saturday mornings seem to be a good time to grab a table, sit in the sun and have a soya coffee or an infusion. I can think of very little more pleasant than sitting in the sunshine on a cold Feb morning in Barcelona.

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