Keep Fit on the Beach at Arenys de Mar, Catalunya

Hurdles on the beach at Arenys de Mar


A short stretch of coast known as the Costa del Maresme along the east of Spain is home to Arenys de Mar, a modest but impressive, traditional fishing town. Amongst its attractions is a smallish beach of course grain sand which is well maintained and clean for the most part.

With the excellent climate in Spain the natives love make the most of the great outdoors and as the sun gathers strength when the seasons progress towards summer you’ll see more and more people out on their bikes, hiking, kayaking and running for whatever kicks they get from it all.

The beach at Arenys de Mar backs onto a footpath which runs parallel to the train lines. Here you can find an assortment of exercise aids, just to punish yourself further in the hot sun.

There are parallel bars, a narrow bridge, a sit up bench, hanging bars and a hurdle track which the local council have kindly funded for the keep fit fanatics. As we walked with Sweep we saw many joggers stopping off to use said exercise aids, some taking a casual approach while one in particular went at them all furiously, chastising himself for what he must have deemed a poor personal performance afterwards.


Parallel Bars on the beach at Arenys de Mar

Do a few push-ups on the parallel bars on the beach at Arenys de Mar then cool off in the sea.


It’s great that the council are providing such great facilities for their constituents and even better that vandalism in Spain is fairly minimal. I can imagine these things wouldn’t last long in some areas of England where boredom and destruction seem easier options than self-improvement.

We saw similar exercise machines in Tossa de Mar along one of the many walks into the nature parks. People rolled up every morning and spent 10 to 15 minutes on the machines before jogging or cycling on. It was good to see that self-consciousness didn’t hinder their morning routines, another thing which stops so many English people enjoying their lives.

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