Keeping clean whilst on the road

If you live in a campervan without a shower, then you are likely going to get quite smelly whilst you are on the road.  And whilst no one really savours a smelly botty, you do strangely, get used to it. When I’m a normal person living in a home with walls and rooms with things in that enable me to wash my body – I’m a devout bath or shower a night girl. More if I have the time. I like to keep myself clean.  Despite Lady Gaga’s inexplicable popularity, no one really likes a bird with a smelly minge.

If you are staying in a campsite then you are of course, fine. We haven’t so far been unlucky enough to stay in a campsite in Spain where the showers don’t have hot water. (Although in other parts of the world – it’s been a different story). But if you are wildcamping, especially during the summer in Spain – you are going to sweat like a kiddy fiddler in a playground wearing a fireball for a hat.

So, first off, in your miniature metal home you need a good stock of wet wipes. Alcohol-free if you are going to wiping them all over your most sensitive areas. No one needs to have to describe weeping genital sores in their second language. Veritas sell organic baby wipes that are gentle but effective enough.

A  good organic deodorant will stop you smelling like you are smuggling a football team in your armpits. Although probably not for long between June and September.

One of the great things about Spain is that you very often find public toilets or toilets within cafes, restaurants etc that have the wash basin within the toilet’s cubicle. These seem to be sent from God when you feel like the last time your groin saw a flannel, Spain was using a different currency. For this reason, I recommend keeping a travel towel and wash cream in your bag at all times. That way, when you find one of these mirages, you can strip down and go at yourself roughly with a damp sponge.

The sea is a big expanse of salty water that is great for freshening yourself up. Some beaches have cold showers as well. Obviously, don’t use cleaning products in the sea or in the showers unless you are completely selfish and don’t give a shit about the natural world.

Municipal swimming pools are also a good source of expanses of water suitable for immersing the human body. They usually cost about €4 or €5 euros and have hot showers too. We’ve managed to sneak in a couple of these without paying. Because we are ruthless renegade hooligans, no doubt.  It’s a bit dishonest, but when you are living frugally and emitting enough odour to attract bears, you’ll do anything.

We’ve washed our hair in the sinks in public bathrooms. We’re not proud us. And it’s not easy especially after several months on the road when you resemble a descendent of Chewbacca.


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