Ken’s Straw Bail House – Part 3

ken's amazing straw bail house in the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Ken’s straw bail house in the mountains around Torvizcon is a wonderful achievement which has come about through the work of three friends who bought a plot of land and decided to try and live off-grid through sustainable energy and subsistence farming.

After a quick tour of the house and all its excellent ideas on heating, water supply and electricity (read about those in Part 2), you can see that recycling plays a major part in the scheme of things.

The interior walls contain bottles that create a lovely flow of light through the house while plastic water bottles have been used to aid in the water heating system.

One further step ken has taken is to build a composting toilet. This is basically an old-fashioned outhouse sat above a chamber which has wood chippings in the bottom. The seat puts you several feet above that and your offerings drop down and are covered in saw dust.

Greg about to enjoy the composting toilet

Greg is about to demonstrate how the composting toilet works. I didn't need to see it working though, thankfully.

I’m not up on the science part of all this and it’s not new technology (if that’s the right word) but There is NO SMELL from it and it’s apparently very hygienic. Ken has a fresh yield of compost for his plants and trees every two to three weeks too so again, recycling is playing a big part in his lifestyle.

All these things add up to a very promising house/farm set in a stunning location that uses sustainable technology and has a very minimal impact on the environment. I look forward to seeing what else Ken has planned for his home as I’m sure the results will be very impressive.

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