Kiaora Biococina – organic restaurant – Valencia


c/Beltran Bigorra, 18

Barrio del Carmen

Tuesdays to Saturdays from 13.30hr to 16.00hrs and 20.30 to 23.30hrs

Kiaora Biococina has its own farm situated in a valley 950 metres above sea level, where it grows all its own vegetables – without horrid chemicals – that are then used to create their dishes. They also have animals which probably end up in the food too, which I don’t like to focus on, having a heightened or as I see it – normal – level of compassion for other species. But at least the creatures leave a normalish life before slaughter – which is a small mercy.

Dishes likely to appeal to the discerning vegetarian palate are as follows:

Ensalada Silvestre – a mix of twenty types of leaf, sprouts, wild flowers, muesli, nuts and a lemon dressing. €9-

Ensalada Caprese –  cannelloni with goat cheese and tomato on a bed of rocket. €10-

Ensalada Cerveza – avocado and fresh cheese in a raspberry beer tempura with dried fruit and nuts and dressing – €9.50.


Equilibrio – a mix of white garlic and tamarind gazpacho with parsley and pepper. €8-

Queso y vino – a selection of organic cow, sheep and goat cheese, with cava marmalade. €12-

Carne vegetal – soya sausage with aromatic mayonnaise. €9.50.

Main courses:

Bio-kebab – a kebab made with seitan that includes lettuce, onion, yogurt and garlic with a mint and oregano chapatti. €10-

Un toque de oriente – an oriental dish with risotto rice, quinoa, babaganush and agar-agar. €12-

Most of the other dishes are meat based, although if you are with a carni, then at least what they are tucking into should have had a modicum of a natural and respectful existence.

Desserts are relatively cruelty free and consist of a fruit smoothie for €4, panne cotta of pina colada or a monstrous looking brownie with macadamia nuts, glace cherries and cava mousse.  For €4-€6.

They have a wide range of organic beers for a bargain €3 and a bottle of organic champagne for €20. Again, something of a bargain. Organic wines start from €13 a bottle.

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