Kimok Yogurteria – Barcelona

Montsió, 12
Barri Gòtic 08002

Monday – Friday: 11:00hrs – 22:00hrs

Saturday: 11:00hrs – 23:00hrs

Sunday: 12:00hrs – 21:00hrs

Yet another new yogurteria has opened up in Barcelona, althoughI can’t think of a better place for them. A city that is hot, if not warm most of the year and where even during those cold winter days – when more often than not, the sun is shining – nothing beats a fairly ‘healthy’ treat like a frozen yogurt.

Ok, so personally, I don’t really think that any animal produce is good for humans, because well, milk is for baby cows, but if are into dairy, then yogurt is definitely more healthy for you than milk and the usual ice cream or waffles or crepes that you’ll find elsewhere in the city on almost every corner.

So at lovely Kimok,  firstly you decide what you want, either frozen yogurt or natural yogurt with probiotics and no sugar. You then decide on the size, whether you want 90gr or 120gr which incuding one topping cost either €2 or €2.50 respectively. Each additional topping will cost you an extra 50 cents.

There is also a frozen yogurt smoothie with two toppings which costs €3.50 for 375ml or €4 for 500ml.

Toppings consist of a variety of chopped fresh fruits such as kiwi, pineapple or mango; nuts or granola; or the much dirtier option of broken Oreos and the kinds of things you should only think about when you’re alone at night. They have the most gorgeous tangy passion fruit sauce that goes well with either frozen or normal yogurt. In fact, I’d probably do it in shots. Or intravenously. I’m easy really.

If you are feeling breakfasty you can have a berry parfait which consists of frozen yogurt, mixed berries, banana and granola and costs €3.50 for 375ml or a tropical parfait which is the same except for mango and pineapple replacing the berries. Fuck it – you could eat this at any old time. Who’s gonna berate you?

There are a couple of small stools if you want to sit in but mainly it’s a take out service.

The service is awesome courtesy of lovely smiling ladies who are also happy to let Sweep come in and sit on the floor (and cool his tinkie) and help us with our yogurt.

Sweep says ‘woof!’, which is not entirely out of character.

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