Kimpira vegetarian restaurant – Valencia

Juristas, 12
(next to Paulo Generalitat)

Monday to Sunday
13.30hrs – 16.00hrs
20.30hrs – 00hrs

Organic, macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, natural, local – what more could you possibly ask for?  That’s what Kimpira’s website says and it ticks all the boxes necessary. I was there in an instant scraping the window with my bruised claws and pleading with them to feed me. Ok, that didn’t happen, but I was keen.

The food here is good. I like it when I get to say that. I’m not always a fan of Spanish cuisine – as I’m as vegan as I can be on the road without slitting my wrists – but the food here is pretty good.

Portion sizes are fairly small for the money but bearing in mind that the food is apparently organic, then I’m fine with that.

I don’t do macrobiotic but this is only the second macrobiotic friendly restaurant I’ve come across in Spain (the other being in Barcelona).

They have the usual menu del dia during the day which costs €13.50 but of course you can always order from the menu. The menu del dia involves a starter (usually a salad or a soup eg cream of cauliflower), a main course (such as lasagne, brown rice and oriental vegetables etc) and a dessert (didn’t try these). I think €13.50 for a three-course vegetarian organic meal is exceptionally good value. We came away fed, full and happy.

There is stuff here for vegans. Oh joy. Valencia seems to have some of the better vegetarian restaurants in Spain. A good reason to visit. And it’s beautiful too. Like Barcelona but smaller, less trendy and more relaxed.

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