Kiosko Burger Bar – Barcelona

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Despite the name Kiosko is actually an upmarket fashionable burger bar in El Born that serves a large range of meaty burgers BUT also has a vegetarian burger. Only one single vegetarian burger but a vegetarian burger all the same. So despite the fact that you’ll be completely surrounded by meat-eaters, it still comes under vegetarian-friendly – well just about.

Firstly you choose what type of bun you want, if at all, with choices of classic white, wholemeal or deluxe brioche. You will pay an additional 0.20 or 0.90 euros for the last two. Although strangely you won’t be given a discount if you opt for no bun.

The Vegetariana consists of tofu and mushroom with roast peppers, lettuce, onion and tomato – and costs €6.40.

On top of that you can choose additional ingredients such as several different types of cheese, rosti, caramelized onions, spicy relish, roasted garlic alioli or pickles. Additions cost from 0.90 euros.

To complement your burger you can have either a salad of mixed leaves or potatoes in a few different manifestations such as standard French fries, rustic potato wedges, boiled potatoes with alioli or boiled potatoes with aioli and spicy salsa. Prices start from €2 for French fries and rise depending on your spud choice.

If you are with a meat eater then they have a choice of many burgers to choose from eg a Japanese with teriyaki a Burgos (made from lamb) with goat cheese and red pepper and a Cayenne with chill relish.

Inside it is clean and modern with thick wooden table tops. The staff are fast and attentive.

The veggie burgers are organic apparently  and apparently the meat (beef at least) comes from special herds in Lleida or  Cantabria. Some of the meat is 100% organic so if you are with a meat eater, make sure they eat that and torture them if they don’t. Let the punishment fit the crime and all that.

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