Knights Templar Church, Peniscola, Valenciana,

Knights Templar Church in PeniscolaKnights Templar Church in Peniscola


They say the greatest thing about history is the ability to rewrite it. The Knights Templar are one such group at the centre of an age old conspiracy; that they were charged with the task of finding and keeping the Holy Grail which is said to contain the blood of Christ himself.

The Knights Templar are said to be closely linked with the Freemasons; another secret organisation who, depending on which side of the story you believe, are either a benevolent group of men who raise money for charity and do good deeds in the community (like grown up boy scouts) or a twisted society bent on the destruction of orthodox religion through nepotism, land ownership, dark rituals and the introduction of their own belief system.

Whichever you choose to believe the two societies have combined to good effect in Peniscola’s old town where the church near the summit is said to have been built in the twelfth century by Knights Templar.

The square at the front of the building is home to a large symbol which is broken down into what could be interpreted as the sun, a new moon, a letter ‘M’, something resembling the ‘all-seeing eye’ (as seen on American paper money) and some sort of tuning fork type thing.


The Ornate Door to the Knights Templar Church in Peniscola

The Ornate Door to the Knights Templar Church in Peniscola, Catalunya


The door to the Knights Templar church is even more intricate and depicts symbols of horns bearing the English flag, boats, crossed keys and other unidentifiable items.

There is certainly a powerful symbolic message and someone with the right knowledge may well have a field day deciphering the code. Not that this is a Dan Brown novel.

The building single spire is stands to the left as you face the church and stretched pyramids adorn the roof’s edge.

The nearby statue of Papa Luna wears a ring on the ring finger of his right hand which also bears the crossed key symbol.

The Knights Templar church and surrounding square are must see places so if you find yourself nearby you should take the time out to savour a real slice of mystery and history in one beautifully ornate package.

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