Komesano – health and organic shop – Barcelona

Next to Hospital El Mar

Kind of surprisingly located as part of the same complex as Hospital El Mar (the hospital with possibly the best views in the world), Komesano sells healthy food, ingredients, medicinal herbs, supplements and organic supplies.

They have a range of loose herbs and teas such as laurel, valerian, fennel, stevia, lemon verbena, calendula and liquorice along with red tea, green tea of several varieties and black tea.

General grocery items are rice cakes, tofu products (eg burgers and hot dogs), muesli, granola, wholewheat pasta and rices. They have a decent selection of seaweeds and oriental cooking ingredient such as tamari and shoyu.

A large range of teas include brands such as Yogi and the wonderful organic Clipper teas which start from €1.75 – and seem remarkably cheap for imported organic teas.

They have cookies and cakes and crackers that are wheat-free, gluten-free and sugar-free (usually sweetened with rice syrup, agave syrup or Malitol.)

Chocolate is either fair trade, organic or diabetic friendly, although there’s not much to choose from.

They have a fair range of supplements (by Spanish standards).

If you are after products for the body then they have a small range of German organic brand Dr Haushka, a decent range of Weleda and items from Logona and Thursday Plantation (products containing tea tree).

The rest of the products are the usual kind of thing you’d expect to find in a health food shop.

There is a chilled cabinet with drinks such as cartons of organic juice, Oatly (oat milk) and sweetened green tea – so a great stop if you’ve run from the beach and the Chiringuitos’ menu of beer and coca cola don’t do much to quench your thirst for something properly hydrating that isn’t so jam packed with sugar you’ll be running around in circles for a month.


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