La Cantina Mexican vegetarian-friendly restaurant – Granada


Cuesta Realejo, 1

On the way back down from the Alhambra – if you’ve spent an afternoon having your shins smacked by pushchair wheels and your aural cavities pierced by the sound of small children exceeding decibel limits that would normally render you happily dead, you might want to eat something that isn’t tapas or dubious quality Moroccan fodder. Well, you might.

The menu has all the vegetarian friendly options marked with a green arrow down the left-hand-side. Difficult to see at first, hence the directions.

Vegetarian-friendly starters are as follows:

Nachos with melted cheese and jalapenos, nachos with refried beans, guacamole and parmesan, guacamole served with nachos. These cost between €5.50 and €7.20.

There are quite a few veggie-amicable quesadillas including a picante with melted cheese, red peppers, mushrooms and red peppers or one with brie, mango and jalapenos. They cost between €6.20 and €7.20.

For salads you have two choices: one vegan – Verde – (lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, cucumber and avocado served in a large tortilla or a Mixta (all of the above with the addition of cheese). Salads cost between €6.75 and €7.20.

Main courses (platos fuertes) that might appeal to you are enchiladas with cheese, chilli, mushrooms and more cheese and salsa. €10.50. Or tacos: with either cheese and mushroom or with cheese, tomato, lettuce, beans and guacamole. Both are €10.75.

There is a vegetarian fajitas option too but appears to only be served with one paltry tortilla – which is lame and very unMexican. This comes served with three sauces and rice and costs €11.95.

Side dishes of refried beans, Mexican rice, guacamole or additional tortillas cost between €1.25 and €3.95.

Drinks are pretty much alcohol that will rot your mind or fizzy soft drinks that will rot your teeth. Both of which will happily rot your soul.

Desserts are brownies with ice cream, tarts, a banana in a tortilla (in case you haven’t already eaten enough corn) or ice creams. These cost from €4.75.

The place is packed and so the ambiance is busy and noisy due to children banging cutlery having drunk too much coca cola.

Avoid the salads if your diet allows and go for something hot and Mexican.

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