La Casa De L’Orxata Vegan organic ice cream shop – Valencia, Spain

Vegan ice cream in Valencia, Spain

Colom Mercado


Open Monday to Sunday

Ice cream…. Organic…. Vegan…. In Valencia… in Spain?! Have the Spanish gone mad?1

La Casa de L’Orxata vends superb 100% organic, lactose free, gluten free ice-cream and, as far as I know, is the only place like it in Valencia.

You can buy ice-creams, sorbets, and of course horchata, the nutty ‘milk’ type beverage  popular in these parts and made from tiger nuts.

The products are entirely natural and the are prepared entirely without additives, preservatives or artificial colourings.

One scoop of delicious vegan organic ice cream will cost you €2.90, two scoops €3.50, and three scoops a mere €3.95 which aint so cheap, but us vegans, health conscious, gluten and lactose intolerant individuals are used to paying a bit extra. It’s certainly good to have the option especially in a city that gets painfully hot during some months.

You can choose from mango, lemon, mandarin, strawberry, raspberry, pear, violet, chocolate and hazelnut, fruits of the forest and coffee.

La Casa de L’Orxata is situated in the gorgeous Colon Market  which is worth a visit not only for the architecture but for the ice cream.

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