La Charca Ecotienda (organic shop) – Granada

Calle Horno de San Augustin


It’s a tiny shop in a tiny street up in the beautiful Albaycin zone of Granada. We’re not talking Wholefoods here.


But that it exists here is magnificent. It makes me feel slightly good about the world. A tiny organic shop in what seems like a little biblical village.


Don’t expect an amazing range of products – you are unlikely to find agave syrup or spirulina here, but you will find the basics. Olive oils, Himalayan salt, wholewheat pastas, gluten free cookies, vegan margarines, organic butter, granary bread, organic coffees and chocolate, cookies, oriental products and a few household products.


It’s a good spot to stock up on things, because there isn’t that much around in Granada. If you are self catering pick up some decent oil, nuts and seeds and maybe some cereal and soya milk. I didn’t see anything like this available in any other shops or supermarkets.

It’s worth going to this area just to weave and wind around the little streets. It’s a bonus that you can pick up some health food items at the same time. Particularly if you are on a tight budget as the main vegetarian restaurant in town – La Paprika – is pricey.

Other options if you are on the hunt for vegetarian or healthy food in Granada are Art Hicuri (a vegetarian-friendly restaurant near Alhambra. Although it’s more of a carnivore-friendly vegetarian), Satural Siempre juice bar and Raices – a budget vegetarian with dubious opening times.

You can also pick up some local mementos and gifts (from Las Alpujarras) here and they also advertise treatments that are available locally, such as massages and yoga.

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