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La Chispa Andalusia
La Chispa (meaning )is a natural living magazine covering the entire region of Andalusia. Yoga retreats, raw food classes (strangely they do exist [apparently] in Spain), reiki practitioners, vegetarian restaurants, spas, complementary therapies, health food shops, sustainable businesses and other green, health and environmental related events all advertise themselves in the delicious pages of La Chispa. And it’s bi-lingual, so everyone’s happy (Spaniards and English speakers at least.)

Travelling around Spain you often wonder if the health food revolution and/or eco-living will ever land here. Spain is certainly a country that proudly holds onto its traditions whether that be sublime annual fiestas, marvellous religious processions, cacophonous family gatherings or the more grotesque side of the country: cruel sports such as bullfighting or explicit animal legs suspended from ceilings like light grotesque chandeliers. However, this clinging to the past and tradition can give the impression (outside the bigger cities) that Spain is a country completely behind the times. Yes, you’ll occasionally happen on a microscopic herboristeria (health food shop) or find an organic aisle in some of the larger an more upmarket supermarkets, but on the whole, healthy eco Spain? Blink and you’ll miss it.

That’s where La Chispa steps in – in Andalusia at least.

La Chispa is a giant source of useful information. Contained within its pages are loas of adverts and a little editorial as well. It’s an advert-driven publication but the adverts are the most interesting element of the magazine. I found detox retreats, transition towns, vegetarian restaurants in Fuengirola and eco events in Malaga. None of which I would have known existed without La Chispa.

The best thing about La Chispa is that it is completely free. Published bi-monthly, you can pick up copies of the magazine at health food shops and vegetarian restaurants and like-minded locations all around Analusia. If you have trouble obtaining a copy, then contact them directly to find your nearest outlet.

La Chispa is a massively welcome directory of all things related to healthy and green living, organic suppliers, vegan and vegetarianism and sustainable living in the region of Andalusia. It really makes living naturally without pricking the conscience so much easier than in any other region of Spain. <3
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