La Clandestina – Barcelona

This place is an absolute stunning little find, so lovely and relaxing that I’m almost loathed to tell you about it.

All snuggled up in the middle of El Gotico, it’s a quirky little tea shop that is the perfect retreat for writers, readers or those who wish to drink tea and contemplate the great mysteries of life like sandwich paste, brass bands and Lady Gaga’s inexplicable success.

The teas are beautifully prepared in silver Turkish pots with napkins twisted around the handle and the choice is phenomenal. Every type of green, red, white, flower or herb tea is available and they also do fresh mint, ginger or lemon teas.

There are juices that are freshly prepared before your weary juice-hungry eyes in a great number of amalgamations.

They also have home-made cakes and snacks. Oh and hookah pipes.

The atmosphere is tranquil and chilled and it’s possible to while away an entire afternoon sipping tea, writing, reading, working or just holding hands with a secret lover during a lunchtime tryst.

What’s bloody more – it’s Sweep friendly. They were quite happy to let young Sweep lie on the floor at our feet whilst we drank oolong and bathed in the peacefulness but a few strides away from the industrious hub of Barcelona.

The furnishings are casually random. Mismatched chairs flirt with different types of table and there are various enchanting nooks just gagging for a budding or budded author to complete it. It has an Eastern feel with the smell of hookah pipes and fresh tea brewing and the combinations of reds and oranges that decorate the place.

A genuinely idyllic spot in a city unparalleled in its majestic beauty. As unlike Starbucks as it’s possible to be. It’s our little secret, ok?

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