La Galeria Belgian waffles, crepes, juices and ice creams – Sitges

La Galeria in Sitges, Catalonia

La Galeria Belgian waffles, crepes, juices and ice creams – Sitges

C/Parellades 54

Most of what you will find at La Galeria in Sitges is the kind of stuff that will melt your teeth and make you behave badly ie run around in circles shouting expletives at pensioners. Sugar is omnipotent in Spain. They eat it like it’s rice and seem oblivious to its sinister side effects. That or they are helpless sugar junkies unable to put up sufficient fight against their powdery combatant. I’m a confessed sugar junkie myself at the moment. I’ve given up everything from coffee to cocaine, booze to cigarettes, white flour to animal protein, but I still struggle with sugar. It would help if it didn’t taste so good.

Anyway, La Galeria is not all bad – you can also drink tea (albeit only red, green or normal) and they have juices that come in three sizes and cost between €2 and €4.50. They have several fruits to choose from such as the ubiquitous orange, along with kiwi, melon, watermelon and apple.

Other than that, you are pretty much looking at unhealthy fodder at La Galeria. So be it.

You can choose from Belgian waffles, crepes (sweet or savoury) and ice creams. There is one vegetarian savoury crepe made with goat cheese and jam but you can also create your own from a selection of basic ingredients.

If you want a sweet crepe or Belgian waffle but want to limit damage then there is an option with banana and honey that shouldn’t damage your blood sugar too much.

They also sell granizados that despite containing sugar are the ultimate cooling drink during the exceptionally hot summer days in July, August and September in Catalonia.

La Galeria also sell horchata – the sweet nutty milky drink which is sugary but tasty. You love it or you hate it.

La Galeria is on the main shopping street in Sitges and the interior is clean and modern with black walls and low lamp shades.

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