La Granja café – Barcelona

Banys Nous
El Gotico

Ever on the search for a quirky little café with a good line in hot chocolates, this place caught my eye and instantly inveigled me in with its giant retro furniture and air of slovenly tradition.

La Granja has apparently been on Banys Nous since 1872, and doesn’t appear to have been meddled with much since then. White wall tiles are fractured like cracked paint, walls look like they were hastily daubed with purple paint fifty years ago, huge marble slabs cover the over sized counters and antique tills teeter upon a giant armoire large enough to contain the accessories of Gargantua. I’m guessing it’s some kind of old Spanish larder but who knows. There could be a family of five living in there.

I of course tried the hot chocolate, opting for the picante, which was €2.65. It was a thimble full (a thimble for Garganuta I grant you), and arrived thick, dark, intense, powdery and sprinkled with enough chilli powder to wage war on a neighbouring country. It was like aiming a chocolate blowtorch into my mouth. Delightfully piquant although no comparison to the deluxe hot chocolate served up at nearby Petrixol.

There is also a range of intriguing herbal teas from €2 including stalwarts gunpowder green, green with mint. Sweet and savoury crepes start from €3.50 and a range of different hot chocolate concoctions including coconut, mint, orange, nut and cognac.

Like many of the beautiful cafes and buildings that appear to have been left relatively untouched by time’s fingers, La Granja takes you back to an era you couldn’t possibly remember, unless you are an internet-savvy octogenarian.

A lazily authentic café with a good range of drinks.

No dogs allowed. No soya milks or animal related drinks whiteners available.


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