La Herboristeria de Lina organic health food shop – Malaga

Supplements in Spain

C, Plaza Arriola, 5

952 22 81 48


Booja Booja raw vegan ice cream! That’s all I need to say. Coconut, ginger, maple and vanilla flavour. All shamelessly on sale, expensive (€9 a tub) but raw vegan and utterly divine.

La Herboristeria de Lina health food shop sells a fair range of organic and vegan and vegetarian-friendly products such as

There is a good range of rices, pastas, grains, granolas, muesli and other cereals. They have oat milk, soya milk, nut milk and rice milk.

If you are celiac you are in luck here : La Herboristeria de Lina have a really healthy range of gluten free crackers, cookies, lasagne, corn flakes, bread, pasta, and cereals.

The shop – run by Acension Moreno is a great source for supplements and vitamins with an entire wall dedicated to vits, minerals, powders, tinctures and other beneficial items that have yet to be banned.

La Herboristeria de Lina is centrally located, great for celiacs or those who want to pick up supplements, oils, rices, pastas and cereal AND most importantly, a vender of Booja Booja raw vegan ice cream.

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