La Morhada – Valencia

Stall 225 and 227
Mercado Central de Valencia

La Morhada is a gorgeous little stall specialising in organic products that is concealed inside the beautiful spectacle that is Central Market in Valencia. You can read more about the market here. It’s certainly one of the most stunning market buildings I’ve ever laid these eyes on. Truly spectacular.

And amidst many other stalls is La Morhada – an organic oasis amongst the ordinary stalls peddling meat, fish, nuts, vegetables and fruit and the likes.

Probably the best spot in Valencia (that I found in my few days there) to pick up organic products or healthy ingredients to stock your van, self cater in your hostel or just assemble a picnic for the beach or snacks for a long journey to your next destination.

La Morhada sells seasonal organic fruits and vegetables, faux meat products such as tofu sausages and burgers, seitan ‘meat’balls and tempeh strips. You can also purchase organic wholewheat breads – the kind that is so dense and hearty it massages your colon from the inside.

They also sell fruit jams and marmalades, organic chocolate spreads and a range of healthful cereals such as muesli, bran and granola. To lubricate your cereal you can pick up an assortment of cows’ titty milk substitutes such as rice, soya or oat milks. But they also sell organic yogurts and cheeses and kefir.

You can buy organic baby foods here and products that are fair-trade.

For such a small stall, it really packs its products in. It has a surprising amount of stock, beautifully displayed and the lady that runs it is smiley and inordinately eager to please.

It is quite clearly labelled but look out for the deep purple and green signage and the logo that looks like the progeny if a suede mated with a television set.

La Morhada is the kind of very worthy business that will disappear if we don’t support it. Get on board and stock up here.

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