La Patata Frita, Guadalest, Valenciana

La Patata Frita, Guadalest, Valenciana


During our visit to Guadalest in its beautiful mountain surroundings we spied a little ‘chip shop’ in the town’s centre. La Patata Frita is the friendliest joint in town, run by a Dutch man with a deep love of Spain.

Now forgive me if I seem like a sycophant but the fries at La Patata Frita are second to none, not only because they are well cooked, taste great and come with several sauce options, but also because they’re served with a smile and a bit of love.

Speaking of sauces, you can have bravas, mayo, ketchup, alioli (like garlic mayo) or a combination of the above.

So how could I taste the love in these fries?

After talking to the proud owner I learned he’d only been in business a few days and you can see in the way business is conducted that he’s a man with a love of his trade.


La Patata Frita, Guadalest, Valenciana

Our friendly Dutch man hard at work in La Patata Frita, Guadalest, Valenciana


The shop is basically a bar with menus scattered about which fronts a kitchen so you have complete transparency there. Everything is lovingly prepared in front of you and the conversation (English, Dutch or Spanish) is par excellence.

You can find it at:

Calle de la Verge 10




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La Patata Frita reminds me very much of “Lovely Mum’s” in Potes; a little homegrown eatery which is as affordable and enjoyable as it is humble.

I fully recommend you try a portion of fries from La Patata Frita in Guadalest if you ever visit.

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