La Sagrada Familia – The Nativity Facade

While the Passion Facade represents the suffering of Christ, the opposite and oldest side of the Gaudi design depicts the birth of Jesus. The weathered and worn looking spires were the first part of the church to be built and the Nativity Facade has a softness to it that contrasts strongly with the newer facades.

La Sagrada Famila as seen from the Nativity Facade.


The Tree of Life on the Nativity Facade of La Sagrada Familia.


The softer side of La Sagrada Familia.


Stained glass and floral designs make up some of the many intricate pieces of the Nativity Facade.


Looking more closely at the arches and windows.


The Tree of Life stands central to the church.


The old Nativity Facade has been tarnished by the years.


And yet as delicate and intricate as anything nature can conjure.


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